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Metal Roofing

Why Choose Metal Roofing for Residential Properties?


A metal roof can save up to 40% on the homeowner’s energy costs. The color coating can have  a significant impact on savings, and we can help you choose the color that’s best for your application. Standard Taylor Metal color coating systems are ENERGY STAR® listed and many are certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Either way, our products help to reduce the solar heat load on homes, thereby reducing energy expenditures for cooling.

Metal Roofing

Why consider Metal Shingle Systems for your project?  

  • Engineered with a true four-way interlocking system

  • Nailing flange that permits the shingle to be nailed directly to the roof deck unlike most metal systems that rely on clips

  • Anti-capillary water channel design

  • Can be purchased with the original shadow cup design that allows for easy walking on the roof without denting or bending the shingle, or without the shadow Available in either 16 oz copper or “tough 12” oz high tensile copper specifically designed for roofing

  • Aluminum is light weight and will not rust.  Coated with Durapon with Hylar 5000-Cool Roof pigments deflect UV light and reduce the energy needed for interior air conditioning.  And Durapon 70’s reduced isophorones help keep the air clean.

  • A complete roofing system. All flashings such as starter strips, ridge caps, gable pieces etc, are also available and encouraged for use with the Copper and Aluminum shingle.  Flow also welcomes custom flashing orders, produced with the same quality copper and aluminum as the shingles.

  • No metal working experience needed for installation.  Many homeowners have successfully installed the system…and professional roofers take pride in the installation of quality copper or aluminum roofs.

  • 50 year transferable warranty on the aluminum shingle and a warranty on the copper that is as long as legally available in any part of the world.

  • Technical assistance with ordering all materials needed, as well as assistance with any installation questions during the project.

  • With over 40 years experience, has dealt with all kinds of roofing projects and can help with your project

  • Most Copper and Aluminum roofing orders can be shipped within 2-3 days from receipt of order

  • And the most important reason of all…..thousands of installations from Singapore, Japan, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, to all fifty states in America.  Metal roofing systems are time tested and proven.


MYTH #1:

Metal Roofs are more likely to get struck by lightning.

Answer:  This is false. Lightning is attracted to the tallest structure. A metal roof is no more likely to get struck with lightning than a composition roof. A metal roof however, is non-combustable and would evenly disperse the energy. There is far less chance of fire with a metal roof.

MYTH #3:

Metal roofs rust and corrode.

Answer: Metal roofs are galvanized and have alloy coatings in the finish that will protect the roof from rust and corrosion for the lifetime of the roof.  

MYTH #5:

Metal roofs cost more than a composition roof.

Answer: In the short term, the cost of a metal roof is higher than composition roofing. However, a metal roof will outlast a composition roof by 3 to 4 lifetimes and, metal roofs add to the energy efficiency of your home, lowering energy bills by an average of 20% to 25%. In the longterm, a metal roof is considerably less expensive than composition. 

MYTH #2:

Metal roofs are heavy and will add weight to my structure.

Answer: Metal roofs are 50% to 75% lighter than other roofing materials, more durable and have a much longer lifespan.

MYTH #4:

  Metal roofs are louder than their counterparts.

Answer:  Metal roofs are installed over a solid deck and a thick underlayment. Most often aluminum roofing can be installed over an existing composition shingle, adding to noise reduction.

MYTH #6:

A Metal roof will effect the resale value of a home.

Answer:  This is TRUE. A metal roof will increase the resale value of a home with it's durability, appearance, and quality.


Metal Roofs

The Facts On
Metal Roofs

  • Long term cost less expensive than composition or tile roofs

  • Roofing system will last 40-60+ years

  • 27+ finishes to choose from

  • Low to little maintenance, wash it off and you’re done

  • Perfect for high wind areas and snow country

  • 40 year paint warranty

  • UL Class A fire rating

  • Energy Star Cool Rated Colors, lowers your energy cost

  • Solar panel compatible

  • Manufactured with recycled material

  • Quieter than you think

  • Weighs less than composition and tile roofs

Standing Seam Metal Features & Benefits

  • 21 Standard Colors, 5 Metallic Colors and 4 Specialized Colors

  • Kynar 500® Paint System – the ultimate in exterior durability and color retention

  • “Cool” color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain to dwelling, and conform with ENERGY STAR® criteria

  • Superior quality, two-coat, 70% resin finish, applied at a 1 mil. thickness

  • 40-year residential paint warranty

  • 12″, 16″ and 18″ coverage options

  • 26, 24 and 22 gauge Tru-Gauge™

  • Factory-notched panels available

  • Vertical interlocking application: allows installation from both directions starting at any location

  • Patented no-siphon lock seam

  • 1″ vertical rib with ⅜” flat top for ease of flashing attachment

  • Concealed fasteners: fasteners cannot leak

  • Pre-slotted fastener flange: allows expansion/contraction of panel

  • UL 580 Class 90 Wind Uplift rated

  • UL 790 Class A Fire rated & UL 2218 Impact (hail) 4 rated

  • 3:12 minimum pitch recommended (for lower pitches, please inquire)

  • Standard panel lengths 4′ to 35′ – not notched
    Standard panel lengths 1′ to 35′ – notched
    (for longer panels, please inquire)

  • Panel options: Striations, Accent Ribs, Flat Pan

Roof and Gutter Repair


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