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Enjoy predictable quality from our in-house gutter crews

  • Crews receive continuing education 
  • Flow crews are compensated on quality not quantity
  • Flow crews show up on time
  • Flow crews can troubleshoot more than just gutters
  • Flow crews are the only certified NeverRust installers on the West coast
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Seamless Gutters for your

Pacific Northwest Project

In the Pacific Northwest, it is common for homes and buildings to have gutter systems installed due to the high amount of rainfall in the region. These systems act like outdoor plumbing, channeling water away from the structure to prevent foundation problems and protect the roof from water damage and ice dams. Our company offers a 30-year no clog guarantee on all gutter protection systems that we install, ensuring their effectiveness in preventing clogs.


Our Gutters Services include…


  • Residential/Commercial Installation Flow offers seamless custom gutters made onsite to fit your home and aesthetic. 

  • Gutter Guards  Our top of the line gutter guards protect your gutters from becoming clogged by debris and roof granules, ultimately extending the life of your gutters and protecting your home. 

Why Gutters Are Important for almost any structure

During rainy or snowy weather, water flows down your roof and may carry debris such as shingle granules, pine needles, and leaves into the gutters. If these materials are not regularly removed or cleaned out, they can clog the gutters, causing them to malfunction and potentially leading to water damage to the roof and home as well as corrosion of the gutters themselves. Regular maintenance, including cleaning out the gutters, is important to prevent these issues. Gutters have other benefits also.

  • Gutter systems can help prevent erosion of landscaping or soil by directing the flow of water away from the structure. Without proper guidance, water may spread out and pool, potentially carving into the soil or freezing on sidewalks and driveways, creating hazards. A well-planned drainage system ensures that water from the gutters is directed away from the foundation to minimize erosion and protect the home.

  • Gutter systems can help protect your foundation and keep your basement or crawl space dry by directing water away from the structure. If water and ice are allowed to accumulate around the foundation, they can cause damage and allow water to collect underneath the home. This can lead to destruction of equipment, pest infestations, and mold growth. Properly functioning gutters can prevent these issues by channeling water away from the foundation.

  • Installing gutters can improve the appearance of your home's exterior by complementing the siding, roof color, and other features. There are various materials to choose from, including vinyl, copper, and aluminum. Vinyl gutters are a more affordable option and come in different colors, while copper gutters are more expensive but have a sleek, shiny appearance. Aluminum gutters are a popular choice because they are durable and long-lasting. Additionally, properly functioning gutters can protect your roofing material by directing rainwater away from the roof structure, preventing damage and leaks.

  • Gutters can help protect your siding from water damage, regardless of the type of siding you have. Without proper gutter systems in place, rainwater can soak and stain the siding, causing damage over time. Missing, damaged, or clogged gutters can allow water to flow freely and cause problems, so it is important to maintain and repair these systems to keep your siding looking its best.


Gutters are an extremely important investment when it comes to protecting your home.  Most property owners might not realize the extremely important role gutters play in keeping your building safe from water damage. Knowing these components will help you appreciate the value that gutters provide:

  • Gutter sections are the horizontal gutter material that attaches to your home, which can be made of various materials, like vinyl, copper, or aluminum.

  • Gutter Guards screen out debris that would clog your gutters, like leaves, nests, twigs, and other materials. This debris makes it difficult for water to pass through freely.

  • Downspouts drain water from the gutter sections to the ground around your house.

  • Downspout extensions are attached to the end of the downspout to control the flow of water so that it empties into a specific area away from your foundation.

  • Hangers are the support system for your gutters. Hangers are designed for various uses, standard hangers, heavy-duty hangers, K style hangers, etc.

If your home needs new gutters, gutter components, or gutter protection, contact Flow Roofing today by calling 503-936-2476, or requesting your FREE estimate online. One of our friendly experts is standing by, ready to help you find the best solution to fit your home’s needs. 

Basic System : (Good for most single family & apartments): 5 Inch K-Style Gutters + 2x3 Corrugated Downspouts w/ Hidden Hangers Every 4ft 

Large System : (Better for larger residential roofs & apartments) Fascia or 6 Inch K-Style Gutters + 3x4 Corrugated Downspouts w/ Hidden Hangers Every 4ft 

Custom Gutters :  Box Style, Copper, Over sized Commercial Systems)

Pacific Northwest System : (Best Flowing System Possible) 6 Inch or Fascia Gutter + Oversized outlets + 3x4 Corrugated Downspouts w/ Hidden Hangers Every Rafter Tail + Leaftraps on Each Downspout Leading to Drainpipe

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