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Protection From The Inside-Out

Protection From The Inside-Out

Why Attic Ventilation

Your roof will last longer if your attic ventilation system is correctly regulated. Portland area consumers have relied on the knowledgeable professionals at Flow Roofing to install and repair attic ventilation systems new and old. Our skilled ventilation professionals will design and install an attic ventilation system precisely for your roof and your house, whether we are constructing a new roof or replacing the ventilation system in an existing roof. Your attic ventilation system from Flow Roofing will be expertly installed and correctly balanced to deliver the effective airflow required to maintain ideal air temperatures, lower humidity, and avoid mold in your attic. All of this will safeguard your roof and prolong its life.

Advantages of a balanced attic ventilation benefits include:

To maintain a healthy level of temperature and humidity in your attic, as well as acceptable air quality, continuous and balanced air circulation is required. Ideally, the temperature and moisture content of the attic air should be fairly stable throughout the year. Proper roof venting and a well-balanced attic ventilation system have the following advantages:

  • Preventing excessive heat: The shingles on your roof will deteriorate more quickly if your attic is inadequately vented because it will get too hot in the summer and plywood will start to delaminate. In order to keep your home cool throughout the sweltering summer, an overheated attic will also make your air conditioner work harder. In the winter, a warm attic will likely cause snow and ice to melt too rapidly, which may result in ice dams, which can lead to roof leaks and weight down gutters.

  • Helping to prevent high humidity conditions favorable for organic growth: Without a properly functioning ventilation system, the air in your attic will not only be overly warm but also damp, causing moisture to build up on the rafters and the attic ceiling, which is the decking of your roof. Mold and rot, the two main factors that limit the lifespan of your roof, are caused by high humidity and moisture levels in your attic. If left untreated, mold and mildew can begin to harm your house within a year.

  • Save on roof maintenance: Temperatures will be regulated and your roof will be shielded from hot and cold contractions using a ventilation system that is correctly balanced. These contractions, also known as thermal cycling, can weaken your roof's shingles, sheeting, and plywood, accelerating the deterioration and aging of these materials. When your roof becomes older, issues like missing shingles, leaks, and even rot can develop. These issues can add up to expensive repairs.

Optimized Attic Ventilation Systems

The fundamentals of appropriate attic ventilation are universal, notwithstanding variations in home architecture and roof structure. The goal is to ensure optimum ventilation, and several forms of venting may be required depending on the size and configuration of your roof. The Attic Ventilation Pros at Flow Roofing have experience evaluating attics and the ventilation systems necessary to ensure optimal circulation. Your home's whole attic ventilation system can be determined with the assistance of our experts.

Among the several kinds of attic vents that can be found in a ventilation system are:

Box Vents: The most common type of roof vent, box vents consist of a hole that has been carved out of the roof and a box cover over the opening. Box vents, which should be installed high on your roof, offer a channel for the warm, humid air in your attic to exit through. These builder grade products serve to meet the minimum NFA (Net Free Area) requirements required by code. They're great for keeping out weather, but average at promoting proper airflow.

Ridge Vents: Air exhaust vents called ridge vents are positioned around the peak of your roof. Ridge vents enable hot air in your attic to escape at its highest point, just like box vents do. Continuous ridge vents are excellent at letting heated air escape while also providing a little amount of vacuum to help with continuous air circulation. Ridge vents can be so efficient that typically, manufacturers require balancing with shingle over intake. Shingle over intake is a more affordable soffit vent substitute compared to hiring a carpenter to add soffit venting.

Soffit Venting: The lowest point in your attic is called the soffit, which is where the overhanging portion of your roof meets your siding. Soffit venting draws cold, fresh air from the outside into your attic. The soffit vents work in tandem with your roof vents to form a passive airflow system that lets air move through your attic. There are two types of soffit vents: continuous and rectangular. Soffit vents can become blocked if blow-in insulation isn't properly installed and/or baffled.

Rectangular Soffit Vents: Holes that have been carved out of the blocks in the space between your roof's rafters are known as rectangular soffit vents. Depending on the vent or screen apertures, a screen or vent cover is placed over the holes to allow air to pass through while keeping insects and birds out of your attic.

Continuous Soffit Venting: Continuous soffit vents have a perforated material or wire screen that incorporates a continuous airflow into your attic at the lowest position throughout the whole length of your home's closed soffit. Only in closed soffits without exposed roof rafters may this sort of venting be implemented.

Your roof is the most valuable component of your house, much as your home is. A correctly constructed, well-balanced roofing and attic ventilation system is necessary to protect your roof and guarantee that it has a long, low-maintenance lifespan.

In addition to ensuring that your property has the best roof possible, Flow Roofing also ensures that your attic and roof are properly vented. In order to prolong the life of your roof, save expensive repairs, and provide you with peace of mind, our skilled roofing and attic ventilation professionals can take care of all your roof, attic, and venting needs.



If you need a roof replacement, the first step is to contact us to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate. We will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your roof and attic from top to bottom. Based on materials and labor, we will provide an estimate and detail the full scope of our work for the roof replacement. We will then schedule a start time and deadline that works for you to complete the roof replacement. We are committed to providing excellent workmanship and using the highest-quality shingles in the industry. Our goal is to provide exceptional roofing services and customer service. We promise to work efficiently and leave you with a roof that exceeds your expectations.




Every homeowner qualifies for a free 25 point inspection. We’ll examine your roof and recommend the best options for your home.



We’ll create a plan based on the route you decide to go. Our team will remain in contact with you at every stage of the process.




Next, it’s time to build your roof. Our crew is dedicated to making sure you and your neighbors are safe throughout the process.



Our team will inspect your roof using our thorough checklist and making sure every detail has been attended to with care.




Feel confident that your roof is in great shape. We guarantee satisfaction with our 10-year workmanship warranty.


Like any other major home remodeling project, improving the curb appeal and weather resistance of your home can increase its value. Flow Roofing uses 100% American-made materials that will increase the equity in your home, backed by an industry-leading 50-year warranty. Our commitment to a long-term relationship with you and your home is demonstrated through our best-foot-forward approach and the best warranties available. Our roofing installation techniques, based on manufacturer training and guidelines, provide the best residential asphalt roof possible. Our goal is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction throughout the process to ensure that your roof is protecting your home and family for decades to come.


We can help make your project affordable. Over 75% of customers take advantage of our financing options. Less than perfect credit? Flow has the financing relationships to take care of your financing needs big or small.


There is no better warranty than a transferable 50 year (lifetime) asphalt shingle warranty by the nation's top manufacturers. Flow installs the leading in asphalt roofing technology giving you lifetime peace of mind. 

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