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Are you in the market for a new roof? If you're considering purchasing a new roof, Flow Roofing can help you find the most viable options for your project. And one of the most viable options out there is metal roofing.

What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is formed of tiles or metal pieces that are made of materials that are durable and impermeable. They frequently contain steel alloys, zinc alloys, and copper alloys.

Metal roofs often have a long lifespan. How long is a metal roof considered to be lengthy? They may survive several decades, or even up to a century, depending on the environmental conditions.

Here are just a few reasons metal roofs could be right for you. They are:

• Cost-Effective
• Energy Efficient
• Durable

For both commercial and residential purposes, metal is a significant shingle roof substitute. Metal roofs are more expensive than fiberglass shingle roofs, but they will undoubtedly survive a lot longer (possibly, decades). Your metal roof may last up to three or four times longer than conventional fiberglass shingle roofs in the right conditions.

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

20 Year No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranties
Residential & Commercial

True Peace-Of-Mind

Often called a Weathertight warranty, Flow Metal NDL Warranties are 3rd party inspected making sure you're building is covered with the best warranty available. Most Weathertight metal warranties in the PNW are only 5 years. Flow 20 Year NDL warranties cover both product & workmanship. Though these systems can cost a little more, the return on investment shines decade after decade of continued protection. Where standard asphalt systems may last 20-30 years, metal systems are known to last over 50 years when properly installed.  All Flow 20 Year NDL warranties are inspected by 3rd parties to make sure your project is protected from the top down for true peace-of-mind.

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Custom Metal Roofs

There is only one word that adequately sums up our metal roofs: CUSTOM. Using our cutting-edge Standing Seam Roll Forming, each of our roofs is individually produced to order.

The roof is constructed using precisely cut and sized pieces. We have the most modern machinery and technology, allowing us to extrude your roof right at the construction site so that it can be roofed there and then.

For your home, we use a 26-22-gauge snap lock hidden screw metal-panel roof system that we specifically size on the job. The customer can choose from a wide range of colors for these metal panels to match their color scheme.

Like with all of our replacement roofs, we document the old roof's removal with photos or videos. Nowadays, more strict nailing regulations and patterns are used to re-nail all existing decking.



MYTH #1:

Metal Roofs are more likely to get struck by lightning.

Answer:  This is false. Lightning is attracted to the tallest structure. A metal roof is no more likely to get struck with lightning than a composition roof. A metal roof however, is non-combustable and would evenly disperse the energy. There is far less chance of fire with a metal roof.

MYTH #3:

Metal roofs rust and corrode.

Answer: Metal roofs are galvanized and have alloy coatings in the finish that will protect the roof from rust and corrosion for the lifetime of the roof.  

MYTH #5:

Metal roofs cost more than a composition roof.

Answer: In the short term, the cost of a metal roof is higher than composition roofing. However, a metal roof will outlast a composition roof by 3 to 4 lifetimes and, metal roofs add to the energy efficiency of your home, lowering energy bills by an average of 20% to 25%. In the longterm, a metal roof is considerably less expensive than composition. 

MYTH #2:

Metal roofs are heavy and will add weight to my structure.

Answer: Metal roofs are 50% to 75% lighter than other roofing materials, more durable and have a much longer lifespan.

MYTH #4:

  Metal roofs are louder than their counterparts.

Answer:  Metal roofs are installed over a solid deck and a thick underlayment. Most often aluminum roofing can be installed over an existing composition shingle, adding to noise reduction.

MYTH #6:

A Metal roof will effect the resale value of a home.

Answer:  This is TRUE. A metal roof will increase the resale value of a home with it's durability, appearance, and quality.


Metal Roofs

The Facts On
Metal Roofs

  • Long term cost less expensive than composition or tile roofs

  • Roofing system will last 40-60+ years

  • 27+ finishes to choose from

  • Low to little maintenance, wash it off and you’re done

  • Perfect for high wind areas and snow country

  • 40 year paint warranty

  • UL Class A fire rating

  • Energy Star Cool Rated Colors, lowers your energy cost

  • Solar panel compatible

  • Manufactured with recycled material

  • Quieter than you think

  • Weighs less than composition and tile roofs

Roof and Gutter Repair


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